As you may or may not already know, I have been doing a lot of work over that last 6 months for the launch of the new Xbox One. I have had the privilege of leading the team that has developed all of the offsite media for the Xbox On launch. Since late October our group of developers has built out 157 standard media banners, 8 HTML5 units and an astounding 77 individual rich media experiences. After these units get translated, duplicated and trafficked around the world, that ends up being Microsoft’s biggest product launch of 2013 and one the largest campaigns in the world.

A week before launch day last December, the gaming website IGN ran this story on their front page which looked interesting and ended up being kind of hilarious…


Yes, those are my team’s banner ads (for Xbox) running right alongside news about Sony shipping consoles that are broken right out of the box. Of course the ad buy has expired and those banner ads are no longer running on that site as far as I know. However, I believe that we did a great job at improving the Xbox One brand and undoing all the negative perception that this console had early on due to several PR disasters.

Luckily, I had some amazing help with getting all of these banners built and out the door in time. Dave Cole, Jamie Naioti and Marco Fusaro stood out for taking on the bulk of media development for the main launch. Eduardo Morales did a great job and coordinating with Leonardo Chinchilla, Holhyen Rodriguez, and Edgar Bolanos who kept the wheels turning in our Costa Rica office. Newcomers Anthony Nollen, Dave Schrenk and Todd Mellors stepped up to the plate as well and were essential to hitting several deadlines.

I want to thank everyone on my team that put in the extra hours to make sure that we launched these campaigns on time and under budget. Here’s to 2014 and our continued mission to leave Sony in the dust.

Bonus: Check out some more work from this campaign below. Hat tip to our awesome Art Director  Jin Ryu for posting it.