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logoThe holy grail for many of us SEO’s is that mythical creature called automation, the idea of having a program take mundane tasks that we perform repeatedly and do them for us. A lot of times this is a task that is a lot harder than it sounds. Any software or tool that can make your SEO projects go faster and reduce production time is something worth looking into.

One tool that has come out in recent months that can perform several tasks for SEO automation is With their software suite based entirely online, this new startup is focused on making all of the tools regularly used by SEOs automated and centralized in one location.

Their SEO tools include a keyword analyzer, a directory submitter, a SEO analysis tool, and a social media bookmark finder among others. Probably the most interesting feature that they have is a “Multi Datacenter Pagerank” tool which checks a site’s page rank at several of Google’s locations. This is potentially useful if you find that your site is getting decent local traffic but are looking to get more from sources overseas and situations of that nature.

All in all, it’s a very well put together set of tools that you can use for free in a world where most SEO automation tools are being sold for extortionist prices so check it out.