Recently, someone ask me for help on designing them a new resume. I decided to make a couple templates and post them on here for anyone to use. They are all saved as Microsoft Word documents but you will want to save them as PDFs before sending them to anyone. Also, all of these have been built using different fonts. If you do not have access to the fonts that I have selected, make sure you choose your own clean sans-serif font. Never use any other kind of font on a resume (unless you are a lawyer). Feel free to manipulate and modify these at your own discretion.


Resume Template 1

This has been what I have used for my personal resume for some time now. In order to get the look that I have created in the example, you’ll need to download and install the font Segoe if you’re on on a newer PC. You can download this template here.

Feel free to change the colors at your own discretion. I prefer going to Colour Lovers for inspiration on this kind of thing.


Example-Resume-2Resume Template 2

This one I created a while back for a friend that reeded a resume that stood out but still be conservative. I opted for only one color and a neater layout. You will need the roboto font (free) to use this template. You can download this template here.

Note that part of the design is that the name at the top lines up with the main column of the page. After inserting your name, you’ll need to adjust that center column accordingly.


Example-Resume-3Resume Template 3

This is a template that I created to be able to fit as much text in without looking clunky. While long pretentious vocabulary is to be avoided, some people simply cannot write up a resume without a lot of really long adjectives and pronouns (mostly engineers). This template uses good old helvetica and can be downloaded here.