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Moving on from Envoca to Razorfish

Razorfish_Mark_09-24As some of you already know, I have left envoca after 3 years with the company. In that time I got to work with with some really great people, most notably the agency principals, Ryan and Deborah Forrister.

During my time at envoca I was able to develop and/or implement several CMSs across hundreds of web properties that had previously lacked organization, scalability and efficiency. I really feel like the value that we provided to our clients was a tremendous return on their investment.

In a couple of days I’ll be starting as a Production Manager for the development team at razorfish’s portland office. Wish me luck. – A Tool Actually Worth Using

Note: In the past, I have written posts on various other blogs on a variety of topics. I have been in the process of consolidating them under this blog and labeling them with their original date. This post is from the now defunct

logoThe holy grail for many of us SEO’s is that mythical creature called automation, the idea of having a program take mundane tasks that we perform repeatedly and do them for us. A lot of times this is a task that is a lot harder than it sounds. Any software or tool that can make your SEO projects go faster and reduce production time is something worth looking into.

One tool that has come out in recent months that can perform several tasks for SEO automation is With their software suite based entirely online, this new startup is focused on making all of the tools regularly used by SEOs automated and centralized in one location.

Their SEO tools include a keyword analyzer, a directory submitter, a SEO analysis tool, and a social media bookmark finder among others. Probably the most interesting feature that they have is a “Multi Datacenter Pagerank” tool which checks a site’s page rank at several of Google’s locations. This is potentially useful if you find that your site is getting decent local traffic but are looking to get more from sources overseas and situations of that nature.

All in all, it’s a very well put together set of tools that you can use for free in a world where most SEO automation tools are being sold for extortionist prices so check it out.

Bing’s Past, Present, & Future – SES San Jose 2009 Recap


Note: In the past, I have written posts on various other blogs on a variety of topics. I have been in the process of consolidating them under this blog and labeling them with their original date. This post is from the now defunct

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Search Engine Strategies San Jose (SES) and hear the most successful people in the industry talk about the latest and greatest in search. I learned far too much to go over on one post and have already blogged on this conference on my company’s blog so I will try to focus on what is happening in the world of Bing.

Before I get started I would like to thank everyone I got to meet there and the event promoters for such a great week. I had the chance to meet many of the actual engineers behind the three major search engines as well as some of the top SEOs. Aside from that, I also got to meet other great peole who, like myself, where at the conference to learn and share information with one another. Thanks everyone, you know who you are.

Back Story of Bing

One of the great things about going to these conferences is that you get to hear all of the great gossip from the people that were there. According to the several “Bingers” that I talked to the culmination of what we now know as Bing was quite a stealthy process in the making. Apparently, the vast majority of the team working on this latest installation of MSN Search were not told that Bing was to be the official title of the engine until the day that it launched. On top of that, marketing had been given “several different brands” that the new search engine might be called and were instructed to create branding for all of them. And I thought my clients were difficult.

One of the things that was talked about quite frequently at the conference was Bing’s “Instant Results” feature. Bing is currently trying to make it so that searchers can get as much crucial information as quickly as possible by displaying data for some queries in the SERP’s themselves. To try this out, simply type in the name of a professional athlete or race car driver. Try using the name of the Ultimate Fighter Anderson Silva and you will see that it brings back his basic stats on-page. This feature currently works with only a handful of subjects but Bing is currently working with partners that are using the Search API to add this feature to a variety of subjects.

The Future of Bing

22628749I was able to confirm that I will be able to get a Bing Mobile app for my Android phone by the end of the year. Also, I learned that Bing is doing some interesting tweaking with their on-page advertisements so that they actually display less for users that do not click on them. Users will also find in the next coming months that Bing will be refining their on-page data and further working to provide the data searchers are looking for as accurately as possible.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that their market share continues to climb? Be prepared for this fall/winter as users start to switch to Windows 7 for there to be a spike in Bing traffic. All of the top SEOs will be ready for this.


To finish off I thought I would add a video that I took with my Android phone of a site review session with Google’s own Matt Cutts. I apologize in advance for the poor quality but I thought I might share it nonetheless. The guy in the black shirt in front of me is actually SEO expert Michael Gray who moderated the session and had to lend his laptop to Matt because of technical difficulties.

Bing Eats Yahoo: The Deal We All Saw From a Mile Away


Note: In the past, I have written posts on various other blogs on a variety of topics. I have been in the process of consolidating them under this blog and labeling them with their original date. This post is from the now defunct

If you have not heard the news yet the buzz today in SEO land is all about the the new Microsoft-Yahoo deal and what it means for search.

For those of us in the SEO industry this can be good or bad news. The bad news would be that now that Yahoo’s Algorithm is basically out of the game, all of the time we have spent on getting our sites optimized for it is now somewhat wasted. However, the good news is that if you have been following this Blog then you are probably prepared for Bing SEO and the payoff for your efforts will be about doubled.

One interesting thing to note is that from around 2001-2004 Yahoo started augmenting their search results with another little company’s called Google. Since then, Google has risen to the top and as we all know is in a quite dominant position.

Could this just be another sign of the beginning of Bing’s possible rise to power that I mentioned on this post? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, stay on top of your sites’ SEO and check back here later for more SEO tips and info.

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