Well, it’s the end of the year and things are finally starting to slow down at the office. Usually, the last 3 months of the year are busiest for advertising agencies and razorfish is no exception (we are hiring by the way). Normally, we are not permitted to talk about or share a lot of the cool projects that we work on until they are out the door and viewable to the public. Even then, we are kind of limited due to the various NDAs that we have to adhere to and other legal reasons.

Luckily here are a few of the highlights of some of the campaigns that I have worked on over the past year or so. Here is a video of one of the spots that we did for the Bing Holiday campaign about a year ago.

There was actually a series of clever TV spots that we did as well as several online banners and rich media work that tied into this campaign. The purpose was to get people more comfortable with using bing as more than just a text-in-answer-out search engine.

2012 also had me spending a lot of time working with the Tourism New Zealand account. We have and are continuing to produce a lot different types of media for these guys and the art that we have been working with is amazing. We actually, built out a couple sets of online ads that tied in with the release of the new Hobbit movie but all I can show at this point is the demo reel that we did.

Lastly, since this post seems to be all about videos. I thought I’d share this one from our corporate HQ. It’s one of those “company culture” videos that does a good job at what the environment is like at the razorfish offices. Also, it feature one of our developers that I have worked in the past. Teo Litto, is based out of San Francisco and did an awesome job on some HTML5 work for the Experian account back when I was managing the dev side of things for it.