GMA Awards from The Xbox One Launch

Digital advertising agencies can be a very different beast at times from traditional agencies. One of the many differences that we experience when exploring new media formats and executions is that sometimes recognition can come out of seemingly nowhere. This morning I was informed that some of our work from the Xbox One launch won several awards at the Game Marketing Summit last night. We received the following nominations and awards:


Forza Motorsport 5

Ryse Son of Rome: Launch Campaign

Xbox One Launch Page

Xbox One Launch


Ryse Son of Rome: Launch Campaign

Xbox One Launch

While this might not be the biggest awards show in advertising, I am proud to say that I worked with some really talented people on all of the campaigns listed above. As I mentioned in a previous post, we were able to create a ridiculously large amount of work in a relatively short period of time and I am very happy with the way things have turned out.

Bonus: If you haven’t seen any of the work yet. Here is one of my favorite videos from the launch:

What my LinkedIn Profile Says About Me

LinkedIn came out with an interesting feature yesterday called “InMaps” that creates a data visualization based on your LinkedIn profile. What it tries to do is group your various contacts by correlating factors and then display them in a way that shows how you are connected. In my map above you can see that there are a large amount of people from Razorfish on the left as well as a group of people on the top that seem to be mostly recruiters and a few other subsets based on my current network of colleagues. It seems to do a good job at showing me two different takeaways.

First, the larger dots represent people with a lot of LinkedIn connections. I had thought that the larger dots would be mostly recruiters and headhunters but it turns out that it just seems to be the people that use LinkedIn a lot. Just as having lots of Facebook friends has little correlation to real-life friends, having lots of LinkedIn connections does not necessarily indicate an abundance of real-life colleagues.

The second interesting takeaway I see is that certain dots that seem to have an abundance of connections to people that I am already connected to. My brother Gavin, for example, has a lot of connections to other people that I know from the various startup events we have attended in the past. Eduardo Morales, my counterpart at a sister company of ours in Costa Rica seems to know a lot of people that I know as well, including most of the people that I am connected to at his company Prodigious.

While the data visualization above may seem like a bit of fancy nerd-fluff to the casual eye, I like seeing interesting ways of presenting data that tells us how to use it. Despite my complaints in the past, I think that LinkedIn has done a fantastic job at helping their users better understand the value of their online professional network.

Hilarious Ad Placement for our Xbox One Work

As you may or may not already know, I have been doing a lot of work over that last 6 months for the launch of the new Xbox One. I have had the privilege of leading the team that has developed all of the offsite media for the Xbox On launch. Since late October our group of developers has built out 157 standard media banners, 8 HTML5 units and an astounding 77 individual rich media experiences. After these units get translated, duplicated and trafficked around the world, that ends up being Microsoft’s biggest product launch of 2013 and one the largest campaigns in the world.

A week before launch day last December, the gaming website IGN ran this story on their front page which looked interesting and ended up being kind of hilarious…


Yes, those are my team’s banner ads (for Xbox) running right alongside news about Sony shipping consoles that are broken right out of the box. Of course the ad buy has expired and those banner ads are no longer running on that site as far as I know. However, I believe that we did a great job at improving the Xbox One brand and undoing all the negative perception that this console had early on due to several PR disasters.

Luckily, I had some amazing help with getting all of these banners built and out the door in time. Dave Cole, Jamie Naioti and Marco Fusaro stood out for taking on the bulk of media development for the main launch. Eduardo Morales did a great job and coordinating with Leonardo Chinchilla, Holhyen Rodriguez, and Edgar Bolanos who kept the wheels turning in our Costa Rica office. Newcomers Anthony Nollen, Dave Schrenk and Todd Mellors stepped up to the plate as well and were essential to hitting several deadlines.

I want to thank everyone on my team that put in the extra hours to make sure that we launched these campaigns on time and under budget. Here’s to 2014 and our continued mission to leave Sony in the dust.

Bonus: Check out some more work from this campaign below. Hat tip to our awesome Art Director  Jin Ryu for posting it.

Places for Creative Professionals to Work in Portland, Oregon

I received a call from my younger brother last month who recently graduated from the University of Oregon. Like most new college graduates, his prospects are limited and he is in the process of moving up towards a larger city to explore his new career options. We ended up having a familiar conversation that I often have with people that move to Portland from out of state that are looking for a job.

After having this conversation, I decided to clean up my browser bookmarks and compile a master list of all of the places in Portland where creative professionals might find work. Feel free to use this list for your own personal job search if you are looking for employment. If you are interested in working for the unstoppable creative machine that is Razorfish, drop me a line and I’ll see if I can get your foot in the door.

Creative Agencies

Jobs at Razorfish
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Careers | Liquid Agency
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White Horse Productions
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Careers at Pop Art, Inc.
Second Story Interactive Jobs
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SET Creative – Job Opportunities | SET
Fine Careers
Vignette Jobs
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Careers – Sockeye
Blast Radius Jobs
Subtext Careers
Emerge Interactive
Grady Britton
STRUCK Careers
Cinco Design
The Good – Careers

Corporate Jobs

Search Jobs – Adidas Group
Jobs at Nike
Columbia Sportswear | Search Careers
Microsoft Careers: Home
Wacom Career & Job Opportunities
Portland jobs at eBay Inc.
Careers | Tripwire
Mozilla Jobs
Webtrends Careers
Jive Software Careers
Sol Republic
WebMD Careers

Other Resources

Craigslist: Portland
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The List: Jobs in Portland Oregon
PDX Pipeline Jobs
Portland Seed Fund Startup Jobs

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk / Flickr

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